Sheep and goat Collection

B & D Genetics is one of the few companies in the nation specializing in small ruminant semen collection. We strive to provide the highest quality semen for our clientele. All semen must pass strict post-thaw parameters prior to being released to the client. Semen storage is also available to clients who would like to store and ship from our facility. Collections are designed to fit the need of all producers (meat, fiber, and dairy) whether you would like 50 straws or 500.

At our facility, your buck/ram can be housed here for breeding and/or collection. Bucks/rams can stay the duration of the collection until your desired number of straws is collected. Our facilities are designed with the ability to collect more timid breeds, such as kiko or savanna. We do offer quarantine and testing for semen export. Bucks can also be housed at our facility for outside breeding.

B & D Genetics is also available to travel to your farm for buck/ram collections with our mobile collection service. We offer several nationwide routes in the Fall of each year. If you would like more information about our routes or would like to host a stop please visit our Mobile Route page.

Semen is processed in a one-step commercially available extender. Straws are filled in 0.5 mL straws that are laser printed with all identification necessary. We also offer post-mortem (after death) collection for males that have recently passed.

If you are interested in booking, a collection waiver must be completed for each buck and be mailed in with a $75 (mobile) or $50 (at our facility) deposit (non-refundable and serves as setup fee). The waiver and deposit must be received to book your date. Please contact us for the collection waiver, price list, and collection route information.

Sheep and Goat Collection at B & D Genetics:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday weekly

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