Our offices are closed today (02/12/21) and we are monitoring the inclement weather for next week in our region. Please see our Facebook page for information about closings. If you need immediate assistance, please call 870-588-4205 and leave a voicemail for the department you need to speak to. We will be checking voicemails and emails as we can.
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We are so proud to announce that the first ever frozen goat semen shipment from the United States was exported and delivered to international clients in the European Union! Our export center, located in Arkansas, is the FIRST and ONLY sheep and goat semen and embryo collection center certified for product export to the European Union. We would like to thank everyone that has helped us for years of hard work that has turned our dream into a reality! This shipment is an exciting and historic achievement for American sheep and goat producers. It is the catalyst that will enable American sheep and goat producers to begin trade of frozen semen and embryos with producers in the European Union.
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January Events

Date Information
January 8, 2021 B & D Genetics In Clinic – Cherry Valley, AR – IVF, Flush, artificial insemination
January 22, 2021 B & D Genetics In Clinic – Cherry Valley, AR – IVF, Flush, artificial insemination

March Events

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March 27, 2021 B & D Genetics In Clinic – Cherry Valley, AR – AI CLINIC

What Our Customers Say

The best place to flush and AI animals! Love going to B&D. We drive well over seven hours and would drive 24 hours to go flush and AI with them. To top it off they are great people too!

David and Brittany are great to work with and their level of professionalism as well as attention to detail, show their dedication to the success of their customers.

David flew to Colorado in July to provide Lap AI and flush services. We flushed an 8-year-old doe, which gave ten mid-quality embryos. They were implanted in 5 does, which 4 of the 5 does are confirmed bred. We stuck with the protocol, even though I was skeptical of using lute on the recips. Thank you David & Brittany!

Honest, reliable, friendly, and helpful! We highly recommend B&D!