Our clinics are designed for goat producers of all backgrounds (meat, dairy, fiber; beginner or advanced). The each clinic is divided into two portions, “classroom” and hands-on training. The “classroom” portion will be held inside and taught with slideshow and training manual. The hands-on training portion will be held outside or in a covered area.

Clinics are held at B & D Genetics in Cherry Valley, Arkansas, once in the spring and again during fall of each year. Synchronized does, stands, supplies and lunch with be provided for participants. We also offer mobile clinics and will travel to your location. Contact us today to register or book your mobile clinic date.

The clinics are divided into two portions, “classroom” and hands on training. The “classroom” portion will be held inside taught with slideshow and training manual. The hands on training portion will be held outside in a covered area. Each portion will be approximately 4 hours, but we will stay until all participants are comfortable with the material and techniques.

Synchronized practice does and lunch will be provided by the host location. Participants are expected to provide their own insemination kits for the practice portion of clinic. Artificial Insemination kits can be purchased from B & D Genetics prior to clinic.


  • Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy and Function
  • Reproductive Hormones and Analysis
  • Estrous Synchronization Strategies
  • Artificial Insemination (Laparoscopic and Trans-Cervical)
  • Embryo Flushing and Transfer
  • Semen Collection and Processing
  • Pregnancy Detection


Equipment Overview
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars Handling and Care
Semen Handling and Evaluation (live demonstration and practice)
Trans-cervical Artificial Insemination of Does (live demonstration and practice)

AI Kit includes:
Carrying case, 2 speculums (small and large), light source, AI gun, sheaths, straw cutter, gloves, and water bath

Upcoming Clinics

These are scheduled dates and we are actively monitoring COVID-19. They are subject to change
Event Date Information
October 1st, 2021 B & D Genetics In Clinic – Cherry Valley, AR – AI CLINIC
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