Mobile Services

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Dates and services offered for each center will be released soon! Contact us for more information!

B & D Genetics services its on farm clients through our mobile services option. Our on-farm services include embryo transfer, buck collection, and artificial insemination services. These procedures are done in our mobile laboratory providing a climate controlled environment to eliminate any weather factors.

We are proud to announce our partnership with our satellite location around the United States. These breeders have agreed to provide the host locations for our mobile stops. Additional services such as live cover to bucks, estrous synchronization, artificial insemination for embryo transfer with frozen straws, and recipients may also be offered but will vary by location. Dates, procedures offered, and additional services offered by each location will be announced soon.

We do have a minimum requirement for having a additional stop (not at a satellite center) on our mobile route. Clients who are unable to provide enough work for one stop are encouraged to welcome other breeders in the area to participate in the stop, and they are termed “Host” for the procedure that day. These will help with costs associated with travel to the location and also fulfill the need for everyone who is wanting reproduction services in their herd. There are requirements for being a “Host” location and only a limited number of additional mobile stops will be offered. We encourage you to call ahead to discuss the details if you are interested in becoming one.