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B&D Genetics offers rental of our vapor shippers for you to transport your frozen straws and embryos to customers nationwide. To place vapor shipper rental order or to release straws from your account please complete the form on this page. Transfers and rental requests will only be processed form this form. Email or phone requests will no longer be accepted.


Vapor shipper rental orders should be placed at least 2 WEEKS before you need your order to arrive. An invoice for your shipping amount and any fees will be sent. Orders will be processed after the invoice is paid in full and in the order they are marked complete.  Shippers will only be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays but can be received Monday-Friday (excluding postal holidays).

  • ▼ What is storage cost?

    Storage will vary depending on the number of units you are wanting to store.  Most clients will storage under 200 units for a cost of $20/quarter.

  • ▼ How do I return the semen shippers?

    Enclosed in your shipper will an envelope containing your packing slip with tank contents, return ups label, zip ties and return instructions for the tank.

  • ▼ How long do shippers last?

    Semen shippers generally last for a period up to 14 days. However, we do not recommend or advise to extend to this day. Shippers will at your location within 2 days of shipping.

  • ▼ How is frozen semen shipped?

    Frozen semen is shipped in liquid nitrogen dry shippers.  These tank differ from regular nitrogen tanks in that the liquid is absorbed through the walls and the semen remains frozen through the vapor phase.

  • ▼ How much does it cost for shipping?

    Please refer the UPS for an estimated shipping cost.

  • ▼ How long does shipping take?

    Refer to the UPS map for delivery days. Shippers with contents will be overnighted or 2-day shipped only.


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Shipping & Storage
Shipping & Storage